Medal of Honor - Above and Beyond

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The legendary Medal of Honor series is back - this time in the world of Virtual Reality! Ladies and gentleman - this is Medal of Honor Above and Beyond, a fantastic wargame!


Thanks to the innovativeness of Electronic Arts and the Respawn studio, we will be able to completely immerse ourselves in one of the bloodiest periods in human history - return to the battlefields of the Second World War, this time using virtual reality. The game will appear on the Oculus Rift platform and is created completely from scratch.



Electronic Europe of the 1940s is full of attractions for the player. We can enjoy the single player campaign, in which a lot of tasks have been prepared for us, consisting of supporting the resistance movement, sabotaging German plans, as well as exciting fire exchanges with the enemy. What's more, these will not be fictional stories detached from reality, but rather historical facts and events in which we will take part. The open world allows a lot, so we will be able to explore it both at sea, on land, and in the air. It is still respawning entertainment.


Historical background

This is not all. The developers promise us an exciting multiplayer mode, which will consist of many elements. Dynamic, action-packed multiplayer matches will take place in different venues in war-infested Europe. We will be able to fight together with friends to achieve success. After making the appropriate progress in the game, we will gain access to a specially prepared Gallery, containing reports of war veterans. This is a fantastic history lesson.


You must fight to survive in a war. Fight when necessary, but don't hesitate to run when the situation calls for it. Remember that often the usual rules don't apply in war, so think outside the box. Place explosives, hide behind various covers, do not hesitate to grab a grenade and throw it towards your opponent. Fighting is not always about an open fire. Do whatever you can to survive and win!


We can expect the premiere on December 11, 2020. As you can learn from the press announcements, this is one of the most expensive productions that have appeared on VR platforms so far. 

System requirements


Memory: 16 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K

File Size: 180 GB

OS: Windows 10